Introducing Havoc Hoops Academy!


Welcome to Havoc Hoops Academy

Here at Havoc Hoops Academy, we offer basketball skills & fundamental lessons for youth athletes of all ages and skill levels. We teach the game & prepare our athletes to play for recreational & travel competitive leagues as well as middle & high school basketball. 

Training Academy:

-We offer Individual training: a  1 on 1 lesson with an experienced coach/trainer.

-We offer Group training lessons to incorporate skills in live competitive play. 

-We offer Strength & Conditioning training that focuses on speed, agility, power, hand-eye coordination & muscular endurance. 

Team Travel Program:

Our travel teams practice & train year round in preparation for playing at the next level whether it be a competitive league or in preparation for the middle school or high school season. Our experienced coaches will teach them new skills and provide opportunities for them to further develop their game. Our travel teams practice 2-3 times a week & compete in local regional and state tournaments monthly. These tournaments help them compete, improve, and build their skills with consistent repetition. Travel basketball is not for everyone, our teams are very competitive and are selected during team tryouts.  Nonetheless, we have a spot for every Hooper at any age or skill level.

Developmental Program

Our developmental teams practice year round as well but focus more on training & skill development learning the basic fundamentals needed to play the game. Our developmental teams still participate in local tournaments against appropriate competition. Our developmental program is a great opportunity for players new to travel organized basketball.